What we do

All critters big and small, we care for them all

Dog House

House Sitting 

£25 p/night 

Enjoy your weekend away or even a longer break knowing that your home, your critters and your plants are being cared for. Each animal will receive individual care so that you can come home to a clean and happy home. We are trained in administering medicine to dogs and cats and will give them all the affection and fun playtime they need. This is a stay-in service. 

Cat With Blue Eyes

Drop-in visits, collections and drop-offs

£15 p/visit 

Daily visits to your home which will provide feeding, cleaning after your pets where required, as well as plenty of playtime, cuddles and treats. We can also help with collecting your furry friend or drop them off at their vet and grooming appointments and visits to other day carers or friends homes

Canine Hairdresser

Date night

£15 p/hour 

Enjoy date night out with your loved one and we will take care of your pups and kittys in your own home. We are happy to do a doggo spa at home while you're out; teeth brushing, grooming and lots of cuddles.