Meet our founder

All critters big and small, we care for them all


Hi I'm Caitlin, good to meet you!

I'm qualified in conservation and wildlife management and also have extensive experience in eco tourism and hospitality. 


Combining all my experiences of working in veterinary practices and wildlife rescue centres in South Africa and the UK, I am passionate about animals and how humans interact with them.


I've worked with dogs, cats, snakes, leopards, cheetah, wild cats and wild dogs, also the odd penguins who often waddled into the enclosures we would work in!

My love for animals started then I was a teeny tot with a cat called Johnson, a dog called Carla, a series of goldfish for whom we ran out of names and many wild animals on our family farm in Zimbabwe.


I always say that animals talk to us and all we need to do is listen. I'm looking forward to working with your critters and helping you listen to them.

Caitlin Anderson